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An experienced team providing quality, on time and on budget detailing services.

"CDS epitomises what a Team oriented approach is about." Perkins Builders
(On Frasers Restaurant Project in King's Park, Perth) 

Design Document Review Service

  • Correct any unforeseen shortfalls that would increase construction time.
  • Identify any inconsistencies between the Architectural and Structural disciplines.
  • Saves time & money and keeps the Project on schedule.

BIM Services

  • CDS are active proponents of BIM in its time and cost reductions to a project.
  • BIM encourages the project team to work together and enhances business relationships.
  • For more information visit our BIM Services page.


  • Fully detailed shop fabrication drawings.
  • World class erection drawings.
  • Commercial, Resource, Platework, Stud frames.
  • Detail drawings of concrete panels including all cast-in items and all architectural features.

24/7 Access

  • Clients have 24 hour access to all drawing files via our secure Perth Server.
  • Proactive solutions provided for Project Documentation Discrepancies & Omissions.

Robust Document Management System

  • CADstruction uses an MS Access database to track all drawings, revisions & RFIs.
  • Full material reports and bolt lists are provided in the format of the client’s choice.
  • Visual Basic applications developed in-house to further meet customisation requirements.

Proactive approach to projects

  • The Structural Design background of the senior partners allows us to offer proactive solutions for Project Documentation Discrepancies.
  • We are also strong advocates for involvement of Steel Detailers earlier in the project management process.

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